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The Alumni Relations office is looking to bridge the gap between students and alumni and we are committed to making your student experience the best it can be—after all, you are students today, but alumni forever.

We offer a variety of events and activities to help round out your academics and extracurriculars. Whether you join us for an alumni networking night or an intimate dinner with area alumni, we hope you will take advantage.

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100% of your donation goes to where you choose.


Last year, over 30 groups fundraised through HuskyStarter.

You can support any of the hundreds of student organizations, programs, and offices that have helped make your Northeastern experience unique.

Your gift. Your choice.


You can help shape the student experience through philanthropy.

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The HuskyStarter platform can help you support your fellow students. The fundraising platform is exclusive to Northeastern student groups, now with a brand new look! Check out the rebranding, make a gift, or apply to start your org’s project!

HuskyStarter has raised funds for student groups including Strong Women Strong Girls, a program committed to empowering young girls in underserved communities.

All recognized student groups have accounts where donations can be made.

The Alumni Relations office can help students fundraise.

Give to what you love!


Philanthropy funds the student experience outside of the classroom.

Seniors! Celebrate your final year by making your senior gift. Give to the area that means the most to you and begin creating your Northeastern legacy.

All senior donors who give a cumulative donation of $20.22 throughout the year will receive an exclusive donor cord for Commencement.