Be a Leader


Alumni Relations (AR) has three premier student organizations – the Northeastern Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA), the Senior Year Experience Board and the Student Philanthropy Council. AR also advises Northeastern’s leading a cappella group, the Nor’easters.

AR provides staff advisers, meeting and office space and financially supports these groups. All groups are led by dedicated student leaders.

SAA Logo

As ambassadors of Alumni Relations (AR), Student Alumni Ambassadors are the conduit to connect students with alumni, bring awareness about opportunities students can access now and after graduation, and more importantly, make sure the Northeastern spirit lives on.

SYE Logo

The SYEB is the group of undergraduate senior volunteers charged with advising Alumni Relations on senior interest, educating peers on philanthropy, and executing meetings and programming throughout the year. The SYEB works with the senior year experience (SYE) engagement officer on all aspects of the SYE to ensure that content and programming is relevant to the students and enhances their experience as seniors.

The Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) is a group of undergraduate students  who educate, engage, and excite students about the importance and impact of donor support so that they will continue the tradition of alumni giving for future generations of Northeastern students.