Northeastern @ 300 Mass Ave.


Your New Home on Campus

Northeastern @ 300 Mass Ave., located in historic Horticultural Hall, is Northeastern’s newest gem. 300 Mass Ave. is home to Alumni Relations’ Student Engagement + Philanthropy team and your place to study, relax, and connect with fellow students.


Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

Study Space

300 Mass Ave. is the perfect space to settle in and get work done. Whether you are studying independently or in a group, there are many areas for you to choose from.  The first floor offers private huddle rooms and meeting rooms with whiteboards as well as large tables for collaborative work. 

The second floor, called The Loft, has desks that can be combined or separated for group work, movable whiteboards, and couches for lounging.  300 Mass Ave is also used as an office space and tends to be quiet, so please be respectful of your peers working here.

Book a space via Robin.

Meeting Space

If you are looking for a place to gather with others, the meeting rooms at 300 Mass Ave are great options. 

  • Room 101 is a small conference room and holds 4-5 people.
  • Room 102 is a larger conference room and holds 8-10 people.

Book a conference room via Robin.



What are the hours of operations for 300 Mass Ave.?
Mon-Fri: 9am – 9pm

Sat: 9am – 5pm

Sun: Closed

How do I access the space?
Northeastern’s entrance is located on the corner of Massachusetts Ave and Falmouth St. Tap your Husky Card to the card reader for entry. The Loft area is accessible by staircases within the main building.
Can I reserve a meeting room or study room?
Yes, you can book conference and huddle rooms with the student workers at the front desk.
Who has authorized access to 300 Mass Ave.?
Only Northeastern University students, faculty, staff, and approved vendors are allowed in the building.
What areas are available to students?
Students are encouraged to study and meet in most open areas throughout the building. The areas prohibited to students will be signaled with a Staff Only sign.  These areas are offices for full-time Northeastern staff (active during regular business hours).
Can I eat and drink in the building?
Yes. but please be sure to discard your trash in the appropriate place.
Can I use the monitors and mobile computer screens in the work areas?
What are the COVID guidelines for the building?
You should continue to follow the mask mandate and only remove masks indoors when actively eating or drinking.
What is Northeastern’s updated protocol on physical distancing?
Campus physical distancing requirements and classrooms have transitioned to full occupancy on all campus locations where local guidelines permit. Wherever local distancing requirements remain in effect, everyone must continue to observe campus signage on capacity limits and density restrictions. Unvaccinated individuals with an approved exemption should observe six feet of physical distancing from others to the greatest extent possible.

Space Use Expectations!


Please be respectful of your peers and keep conversations at a reasonable volume.
Clean up after yourself: wipe down desks with disinfectant wipes, push chairs in, and return tables to their original positions if moved.
Use the white board spray and cloths to clean white boards after use.
Only occupy conference and huddle rooms when actively working.